Non-profit Use Licence Agreement

This license is for distribution of CalcHEP and various models of particle interaction which were developed for CalcHEP. Such models typically use several scientific packages and so I have to re-distribute programs written by other people. In the same time I consider CalcHEP as a calculator of matrix elements which in its turn can be included into other scientific packages.

Alexander Pukhov.

0. This license is written for distribution of scientific software. It is assumed that such software is published in scientific journals and will be used for further academic studies or education. The including of given software into another packages or its use for education needs permission for redistribution and such permission is provided by this license.

1. This license touches only non-profit use and distribution and does not permit any commercial re-licensing or re-distributions. In particular, you get this package free of charge.

2. The license permits you to copy, use, re-distribute CalcHEP package and software which supports models of particle interactions for CalcHEP as well as to include them into another packages with their further distribution under the following conditions:

a) any re-distribution has to be accompanied with a file which contains the list of scientific publications which present the given package as well as all its parts. This file also has to contain the list of WWW sites where original versions of this package and original versions of its parts are disposed.

b) redistributing the package you have a right to change installation routines, improve compiler dependent parts of the code, and change interface routines. But modification of codes that change scientific results produced by the package or some its part are not permitted by this license.

3. This License states that all included programs are presented as they were written by their authors, except changes described in point 2(b). All publications presenting these programs as well as addresses of WWW sites which distribute original versions are written in file CITE which is included in any distributed *.tgz archive. (*)

*) You can also get corresponding information about CalcHEP pressing the F9 key. Information about each model is also stored into the "Libraries" model item as a comment.