News and Bugs in CalcHEP

(23.06.2015) Release 3.6.24

1. If decay products contain top, then top pole mass is used to define open channels. In the previous version CalcHEP used 'running' mass.

2. CalcHEP had a bug in kinematics in case of interaction with composite particle (proton) with zero incomming momentum. Parton mass was used to pass to the centre of mass system. Now mass of composite particle uses for it.

3. CalcHEP had a bug in translation of qcd-scale function implemented by the user if the function contained subtraction "-" operation.

4. The parameter 'sing' which distinguishes proton/antiproton PDF sometimes initiated with zero. After that the user could not assign correct +/-1 value to this parameter. Corrected.

5. Special treatment of partons with pdg 81,83 intended for d' and c' in is not supported more.

6. When paralelization is switched off, we call 'xterm' which open window for compilation. Sometimes 'xterm' is not installed and n_calchep is not compiled. Now we check existence of xterm.

7. complex_Quad is replaced on complex _Quad in include/nType.h

8. Compiling n_calchep we don't substitute compiler flags CFLAGS. Improved.

9. CalcHEP events file now includes batch file used for its generation. This option becomes possible because of improvement of Pythia xml reader.

10. CalcHEP had a bug in work of "Freeze grid ON/OFF" switch. It did not work after several ON/OFF changes. Fixed

11. For multi-particle decays sometimes CalcHEP has lost of precision which in its turn leaded to termination of calculation. Fixed.