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CalcHEP is a continuation of the CompHEP package, which was was created by author together with E.Boos, M.Dubinin, V.Edneral, V.Ilyin, D.Kovalenko, A.Kryukov, V.Savrin, S.Shichanin, A.Semenov.

Previously versions:

Comphep_33.23 CODE    manual

CalcHEP_2.1   CODE    manual

CalcHEP_2.3.7   CODE   

CalcHEP_2.4.5   CODE   

CalcHEP_2.5.7   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.4.0   CODE    manual

CalcHEP_3.4.1   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.4.2   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.4.cpc   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.4.3   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.4.4   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.4.7   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.6.22   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.6.23   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.6.24   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.6.25   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.6.27   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.6.29   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.7   CODE   

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Acknowledgments CompHEP WWW Main facilities