of the XVII International Workshop on

Quantum Field Theory and High Energy Physics




Common schedule for Plenary Talks:

P1 9:30 10:20

P2 10:20 11:10

Coffee 11:10 11:30

P3 11:30 12:20

P4 12:20 13:10


September 5, 2003 (Chair V.Savrin)

1. Rolf Heuer (DESY and Hamburg University)

Planning for Future Accelerators.

2. Gideon Bella (Tel Aviv University)

Electroweak Gauge Coupling Measurement at LEP.


3. Uwe Schneekloth (DESY, Hamburg)

Recent ZEUS Results.

4. Yuri Koubychine (SINP MSU, Moscow)

Time Variation of Fundamental Constants: Experimental Bounds

and Theoretical Predictions.


September 6, 2003 (Session at the Saratov State University,

Chair S.Smolyansky)

1. Jacob Wacker (Harvard University, Cambridge)

The Little Higgs.

2. Leonid Melnikov (Saratov State University)

Laser-Assisted Antihydrogen Production in Traps.


3. Dmitry Shirkov (JINR, Dubna)

QCD in the Hadronization and Infrared Region.


September 7, 2003 (Chair E.Boos)

1. Fedor Ratnikov (Rutgers University of New Jersey)

CDF Results.

2. Nikos Giokaris (University of Athens)

ATLAS: Detector Status and Physics Prospects.


3. Johannes Timmermans (NIKHEF, Amsterdam)

Recent LEP2 Results.

4. Ilya Ginzburg (SIM, Novosibirsk)

Using Charge Asymmetry for Solving Different Problems in

High Energy Particle Physics.


September 8, 2003

No Plenary Talks


September 9, 2003 (Chair R.Heuer)

1. Jonas Rademacker (University of Oxford)

LHCb: Status and Physics Potential.

2. Josef Zacek (Charles University, Prague)

Recent Results from H1.


3. Valery Telnov (BINP, Novosibirsk)

Status of Photon Colliders.

4. Carlo Bosio (INFN, Roma)

The AMS 02 Experiment on the International Space Station.


September 10, 2003 (Chair D.Shirkov)

1. Leif Jonsson (Lund University)

Unintegrated Gluon Densities in the Photon: First Comparisons

with H1 Data.

2. Vladimir Samsonov (PNPI, Gatchina)

Heavy Ions at ALICE.


3. Klaus Moenig (DESY, Zeuthen)

Physics with Next Generation Linear Colliders.

4. Igor Volobuev (SINP MSU)

The Randall-Sundrum Model as it is.


September 11, 2003 (Chair P.Osland)

1. Edward Boos, for the CompHEP Collaboration (SINP MSU)

CompHEP: Automatic Computations from Lagrangians to Events.

2. Alexander Andrianov (SPbU, St.Petersburg and INFN, Bologna)

Hadron Strings with Chiral Symmetry Breaking.



Common schedule for Parallel Sessions:

Coffee: 15:45 16:00

Parallel Sections A and B: 16:00 19:00

(each talk: 20 min including a discussion)

September 5, 2003

Section A (Chair L.Jonsson)

Part 1

1. Juergen Koerner (University of Mainz)

Complete O(α) Solution of the μ-Decay Problem.

2. Valeri Saveliev (Obninsk State University)

Monte Carlo Study of Standard Model Higgs for Future Linear Collider.

3. Victor Makhnatch (Institute of Physics, Minsk)

Quasianapole Interaction of Charged Leptons.

4. Siannah Penaranda Rivas (Max Planck Institut fuer Physik, Muenchen)

Some Results on Distinction of Higgs Boson Models.

5. Alexander Ilyichev (NCPHEP, Minsk)

ESFRAD. FORTRAN Code for Calculation of QED Corrections to Polarized

ep-Scattering by the Electron Structure Function Methods.

Part 2

1. Vladimir Soloviev (IHEP, Protvino)

Boundary Conditions as Dirac Constraints

2. Yuri Grats (Department of Physics, MSU, Moscow)

Quantum Gravity Effects in the RS2 Model.

3. Mikhail Smolyakov (Department of Physics, MSU, Moscow)

The Physical Degrees of Freedom of the RS2 Model.

4. Victor Edneral (SINP MSU, Moscow)

On Periodic Solutions in Five Dimensional Gravity.


Section B (Chair V.Troitsky)

Part 1

1. Alexander Krutov (Samara State University)

Relativistic Hamiltonian Dynamics and Electroweak Properties

of Composite Systems: Modern Trends.

2. Victor Andreev (Gomel State University)

Electric Polarizability of Meson in Relativistic Hamiltonian Dynamics.

3. Edward Timoshenko (University College of Dublin)

Super Gaussian Self-Consistent Method for Systems with a Two-Body Hamiltonian.

5. Alexander Biryukov (Samara State University)

Processes of the Energy Exchange in the Nonlinear Systems.

Part 2

1. Dmitry Slavnov (MSU, Moscow)

Probability Space and Quantum Measurements. (30 min)

2. Vasily Tarasov (SINP MSU, Moscow)

Canonical Gibbs distribution for dissipative systems.

3. Irina Karas (Kharkov Institute of Physics, Kharkov)

Charged Partcle Acceleration by an Intense Wake-Field Excited in Plasma.


September 6, 2003

Section A (Chair I.Ginzburg)

1. Rudolf Faustov (SCC RAS, Moscow)

Radiative and Leptonic Decays of Heavy Quarkonia.

2. Vladimir Andrianov (St.-Petersburg State University)

String-like Meson Spectra: Phenomenology vs. QCD.

3. Yakov Azimov (PNPI, Gatchina)

ρ and ω Decays as Testground to Study Details of Isospin Violation.

4. Olga Pakhomova (Samara State University)

Bc → Ds Ď0 and Bc → Ds D0 Decays in Relativistic Quark Model.

5. Oleg Shro (Samara State University)

Semileptonic Decays of Heavy-Light Meson in the Instant Forms of

Relativistic Hamiltonian Dynamics.

6. Vladimir Galkin (SCC RAS, Moscow)

Radiative and Weak Decays of Bc meson.

7. Igor Cherednikov (JINR, Dubna)

Nonperturbative Contributions to the Quark Form Factor at High Energy.

8. Svetlana Kleshchevskaya (Saratov State University)

Logarithimic in the Mass Ratio Contributions to Fine Shift of S-Levels in

Hydrogen-Like Atoms due to the One-Photon Exchanges.

9. Nicolay Nunko (Saratov State University)

On the Problem of Convergence of the Perturbation Theory Series in the

Quasipotential Method of Calculating the Hydrogen-Like Spectra.


Section B (Chair V.Derbov)

1. Dmitry Vinnik (Saratov State University)

Vacuum Particle Creation in Superstrong Fields of X-Ray Lasers.

2. Sergei Il'in (Saratov State University)

The Quark Kinetic Equation in Strong Gluon Fields.

3. Alexander Tarakanov (Saratov State University)

The Role of Schwinger Mechanism in Formation of Magnetar Magnetospher.

4. Alexander Lavkin (Saratov State University)

On the SU(2) Yang-Mills Fields Turbulence at the Thermal and

Quantum Fluctuations.

5. Yuriy Gangnus (Saratov State University)

Soliton Solution of Relativistic KdV Equation.

6. Ivan Martinovich (Saratov State University)

Vacuum Particle Creation in non-Stationary Casimir Bag.

7. Yuriy Zaiko (Saratov State University)

Quantum Model of Intermittence.

8. Elena Romanova (Saratov State University)

Spatiotemporal Dynamics of High-Intensity Femptosecond Pulses in Non-linear Dielectric Waveguides.


September 7, 2003

No Parallel Sessions


September 8, 2003

Section A (Chair I.Volobuev)

Part 1

1. Per Osland (University of Bergen)

CP Violation in the Two-Higgs-Doublet Model.

2.Mikhail Dolgopolov (Samara State University)

Higgs Complex Self-Couplings in the THDM and CKM Constraints.

3. Elza Akhmetzyanova (Samara State University)

Soft SUSY Breaking and CP Violation an the Higgs Sector.

4. Elena Shcherbakova (Samara State University)

Higgs Bosons Production in the Supersymmetric Model with CP Violation

Part 2

1. Masato Jimbo (Tokyo Management College, Ichikawa)

Present Status of GRACE/SUSY.

2. Vitaly Beylin (Rostov State University)

MSSM Parameters From Astrophysics: Neutralino and Gamma-Bursts.

3. Yuri Philippov (Samara State University)

The Trilinear Higgs Boson Self-Couplings in MSSM: One-Loop Analysis.

4. Vladimir Kuksa (Rostov State University)

Neutrino-Neutralino Resonanse Reactions.

5. Edward Boos (SINP MSU, Moscow)

MSSM Higgses in the Intense Coupling Regime at the LHC.


Section B (Chair T.Weber)

1. Yasuo Yamamoto (Tsuru University)

YN and YY Interactions and Hypernuclei.

2. Dmitry Lanskoy (SINP MSU, Moscow)

Signatures of Baryonic Mixing in Double-Λ Hypernuclei.

3. Tatiana Tretyakova (JINR, Dubna)

Structure of Multi-Strange Hypernuclear Matter and hyperonic Interaction Properties.

4. Alexandr Mazur (Khabarovsk State University of Technology)

Description of Hypernuclei Production in J-Matrix Method.

5. Kazuma Nakazawa (Gifu University)

The Nuclear Double-Strangeness Achievments, Perspectives, and Problems.

6. Konstantin Gridnev (St.Petersburg University)

Anomalous Backward Scattering, Quasimolecular and Vertex States of Nuclei.

7. Thomas Rijken (University of Nijmegen)

Recent Nijmegen Baryon-Baryon Interactions.


September 9, 2003

Section A (Chair B.Arbuzov)

1. Aleksey Alekseev (IHEP, Protvino)

The Development of the Methods for Precise Calculation of the Analytic

QCD Running Coupling.

2. Vladimir Rochev (IHEP, Protvino)

On the Problem of Quantum Fluctuations in NJL Model.

3. Oleg Pavlovsky (BITPM, MSU, Moscow)

Chiral Born-Infeld Theory and Model of Baryons.

4. Alexander Andrianov (SPbU, St.Petersburg and INFN, Bologna)

Light Particle Trapping on the Fermion-Induced Domain Wall.

Part 2

1. Stanislav Smolyansky (Saratov State University)

The Methods of Kinetic Description of Vacuum Particle Creation in Strong

Quasiclassical Fields.

2. Vladimir Derbov (Saratov State University)

Exotic States of Atoms in External Electric and Magnetic Fields.

3. Sergey Suchkov (Saratov State University)

Anion Complex in High-Temperature Superconductivity.

4. Nataly Boikova (Saratov State Univercity)

On the Method of Precise Calculation of Energy Levels of Hydrogen-Like Atoms.


Section B (Chair T. Rijken)

Part 1

1. Ludmila Sarycheva (SINP MSU, Moscow)

Search for Quark-Gluon Plasma at Heavy Ion Collider Experiments.

2. Alexander Prozorkevich (Saratov State University, Saratov)

Vacuum Creation of Heavy Quarks at the Early Stage of QGP Formation.

3. Dmitri Peressounko (RRC Kurchatov Institute, Moscow)

Direct Photon Spectrum and Direct Photon Interferometry at SPS and LHC.

4. Tatiana Moukhanova (RRC Kurchatov Institute, Moscow)

Measurement of Direct Photon Correlations in Pb+Pb collisions

at LHC with ALICE/PHOS Spectrometer.


Part 2

1. Yurii Tchuvil'sky (SINP, Moscow)

Alpha-Condensate in Nuclear Matter at Normal Density.

2. Andrey Shirokov (SINP MSU, Moscow)

Inverse Scattering Tridiagonal Potentials and Few-Nucleon Systems.

3. Thomas Weber (Iowa State University, Ames)

Analysis of the Charge and Point Proton Distribution of 3HE with Minimal

Systematic Error.

4. Sergei Zaytsev (Khabarovsk State University of Technology)

Multi-Channel Inverse Scattering Problem in the J-Matrix Approach.


September 10, 2003

Section A (Chair A.Andrianov)

Part 1

1. Sergey Troshin (IHEP, Protvino)

Regularities of DIS and VM Production: Transitory Effects or Early Asymptotics?

2. Roman Shulyakovsky (Institute of Physics, Minsk)

New Criteria of QCD-Instantons Search in Deep Inelastic Scattering.

3. Alexei Illarionov (JINR, Dubna)

Small x Behaviour of Parton Distributions. A Study of Higher Twist Effects.

4. Nikolai Zotov (SINP MSU, Moscow)

Charm Quark Production at HERA with BFKL and CCFM Dynamics.

5. Artem Lipatov (SINP MSU, Moscow)

Heavy quark production at Tevatron as a test of unintegrated gluon distributions.

6. Vladimir Saleev (Samara State University)

Charmonium Production via Fragmentation in kt Factorization Approach.

7. Valery Shaparau (Institute of Physics, Minsk)

Squeezed and Entangled Gluon States at the non-Perturbative Stage of QCD Jet Evolution.

Section B (Chair R.Faustov)

Part 1

1. Garii Efimov (JINR, Dubna)

Blokhinsev and Nonlocal Quantum Field Theory. (30 min)

2. Boris Arbuzov (SINP, MSU)

Effective non-Local Theory as a Result of Symmetry Breaking in a Model of QFT. (30 min)

Part 2

1. Yury Chernichenko (Gomel State Technical University)

Solving a Relativistic Quasipotential Equation for the Superposition of a

Non-Local Separable Interaction and a Local Quasipotential not Admiting Bound States.

2. Garii Efimov (JINR, Dubna)

On the Ladder Bethe-Salpeter Equation.

3. Sergey Vernov (SINP MSU, Moscow)

New Exact Solutions for the Generalized Henon-Heiles System.

4. Alexander Silenko (Belarusian State University, Minsk)

Analysis and Verification of Relativistic Wave Equations for Spin-1 Particles.