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To install LanHEP on your computer, you should get the archive file from the WWW-page Unpack the archive:

gunzip lhep2000.tar.gz
tar xf lhep2000.tar
The archive contains the directory lanhep with C source files. If you do not have gcc compiler, you should tune the makefile, change 'gcc' to the compiler which you have. To create the executable file (called lhep), go to lanhep directory and type
When LanHEP is complied, remove the source files by typing
make clean
The archive also contains the subdirectory mdl with startup file and examples for several physical models. Add the directory containing LanHEP to your PATH environment variable. Then LanHEP can be started from any other directory, it can find automatically files in the mdl directory.

Andrei Semenov 2008-02-16