Any distributed compressed archive contains file CITE with information about journal publications where the package was presented as well as about all included packages. Here we repeat shortly this information.

The package contains some codes written by CompHEP group people:
V.Ilyin : num/4_vector.c,num/strfun/sf_epa.c,num/strfun/sf_lsr.c;
D.Kovalenko: num/kininpt.c,num/regfunal.c;
A.Kryukov : symb/colorf.c,chep_crt/edittab.c;
V.Edneral : symb/diagram/diaprins.c,symb/diagram/drawdiag.c,chep_crt/crt.c;
A.Semenov : chep_crt/xwin/X11_crt0.c;

They are included in the CalcHEP package with permission of the authors.

The models of particle interaction now are distributed separately.

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