News and Bugs fixed in CalcHP

(28.02.2019) Release 3.7.5

1) run_batch is slightly improved

(08.12.2018) Release 3.7.4

1) Form output. Bugs fixed : symb/out/form_out.c

2) Detection of duplicate names in var#.mdl and func#.mdl. Bug is fixed : symb/read_mdl.c

3) Decay branching is sorted now.

4) aPrintF works correctly even if "long double" or "_Quad" is chosen for real numbers. aPrintF routine is intended to write input file for spectrum calculator from within func#.mld. It is similar to fprintf function and its first arguments defines format of reading of other arguments. For real argument one of flags E,e,G,g,f,F has to be used, which corresponds to double numerical type. Now when CalCHEP performs numerical calculations with other types, earch real argument of aPrintF is automatically converted to type double: X => (double)(X). : symb/out/reader_c.c

5) Polarization of incoming photon in case when second incoming particle is massive. Bug is fixed: symb/symbolic.c

6) External matrix element. We have realized a possibility to use CalcHEP numerical integrator with external matrix element. We assume that the uses has compiled some processes in CalCHEP but would like to replace CalcHEP squared matrix element on his own one. See instructions in c_source/num/usrSQME_dummy.c