The XVth International Workshop

High Energy Physics and Quantum Field Theory

The Workshop continues a series of workshops started by the Institute of Nuclear Physics in 1985 and conceived with the purpose of presenting topics of current interest and providing a stimulating environment for scientific discussion on new developments in theoretical and experimental high energy physics and physical programs for future colliders. Traditionally the list of workshop attendees includes a great number of active young scientists from Russia and other countries. The Workshop QFTHEP'2000 will take place on 14-20 September 2000 near Tver, one of the oldest Russian towns, situated on the bank of the Volga river.


Tver State University

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All correspondence concerning the Workshop should be addressed to the Secretary of the Workshop:
Mrs. V. Keshek
Secretary of the Workshop
Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University
119899 Moscow, Russia

Phone/Fax. (7-095) 939 03 97

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