• The talk Four-loop quark form factor with quartic fundamental colour factor at the conference "Amplitudes 2019"

    (July 1st-5th 2019, Dublin, Ireland)

  • The talk Evaluating `elliptic' master integrals at special kinematic values: using differential equations and their solutions via expansions near singular points at the workshop "Loops and Legs in Quantum Field Theory"

    (April 29 - May 4, 2018, St. Goar, Germany)

  • The talk The status of expansion by regions at the "Feynman Memorial Meeting"

    (16-19 September 2018, Balatonfred, Hungary)

  • The talk Solving differential equations for Feynman integrals by expansions near singular points at the "13th International Symposium on Radiative Corrections"

    (24-29 September, 2017, St. Gilgen, Austria)

  • The talk Evaluating multiloop Feynman integrals by differential equations at the "Workshop on Multi-loop Calculations: Methods and Applications"

    (7-8 June, 2017, Paris)