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The Seminar on Computer Algebra of Moscow State University.


V.F.Edneral (,



The seminar has been held since 1992. Various problems related to modern computer algebra (symbolic computations) are considered at the seminar. This is, above all, mathematical algorithms, their computer implementation, and applications. New programs are demonstrated.

The seminar proceeds from September (in some years, from October) to May. For the last years, May seminars have been held in Dubna jointly with the seminar on Computational and Applied Mathematics (Chair Prof. E.P.Zhidkov) and seminar of Computational Physics (Chair Prof. I.V.Puzynin) of the Laboratory of Computing Equipment and Automatization, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. In fact these joint sessions are one-day conferences on computer algebra and its applications

The meetings are usually held at 17:00 on the third Wednesday of every month in Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Moscow State University. Those who wish to present a talk should make a preliminary application containing the author's name, title, and an abstract. Applications may be emailed to S.A.Abramov (

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