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We propose an XML-based standard for formulation of field theoretical models. The goal of creation of such a standard is to provide a way for an unambiguous exchange and cross-checking of results of computer calculations in high energy physics. At the moment, the suggested standard implies that models under consideration are of the SM or MSSM type (i.e., they are just SM or MSSM, their submodels, smooth modifications or straightforward generalizations).


  • 19.05.2002 QED model with 4 fermion interaction is available.
  • 03.05.2002 Dear Colleagues! We make this site to start international collaboration for promotion of the XML standard for HEP applications. It is open for everybody. We will happy to any contribution from HEP community.
  • 18.04.2002. Open mailing list for developers.

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Attention! To browse model correctly you have to use Mozilla-0.9.9 or later version of Mozilla or other web browsers that support MathML.

Name Authors Short description
QED4F QED with 4 fermion interaction




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Known bugs

Please, report bugs to mailing list. FeynXML

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Version Release candidate Release In fact Comment
FeynXML-0.0.1 01.04.2002 01.04.2002 01.04.2002 hep-ph/0203102


  1. A.Demichev, A.Kryukov, A.Rodionov
    XML-Based Formulation of Field Theoretical Models. A Proposal for a Future Standard and Data Base for Model Storage, Exchange and Cross-checking of Results hep-ph/0203102 (Postscript)


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