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The LanHEP program for Feynman rules generation in momentum representation is presented. It reads the Lagrangian written in the compact form close to one used in publications. It means that Lagrangian terms can be written with summation over indices of broken symmetries and using special symbols for complicated expressions, such as covariant derivative and strength tensor for gauge fields. The output is Feynman rules in terms of physical fields and independent parameters. This output can be written in LaTeX format and in the form of CompHEP model files, which allows one to start calculations of processes in the new physical model. Although this job is rather straightforward and can be done manually, it requires careful calculations and in the modern theories with many particles and vertices can lead to errors and misprints. The program allows one to introduce into CompHEP new gauge theories as well as various anomalous terms.


To install LanHEP on your computer, you should get the archive file (see below) and unpack it. The archive contains the C source files. To create the executable file lhep , type 'make`. When the LanHEP is complied, remove source files by typing 'make clean`. The archive also contains the directory mdl with startup file and examples for several physical models. Add the directory containing LanHEP to your PATH environment variable. Than LanHEP can be started from any other directory, it can find automatically files from the mdl directory.

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Feynman rules obtained by means of LanHEP

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