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List of Paticipants

The final list of participants will be published after confirmation of acceptance of the report on June 7, 2023

  • O.Ahmetkin, SPbSU,Russia
  • A.Baginyan, JINR, Russia
  • P.Bogdanov, Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Russia
  • M.Borisov, MIPT,INR RAS, Russia
  • A.Boukhanovsky, ITMO University,Russia
  • N.Bykov, ITMO University,Russia
  • V.Chistyakov, MSU, Russia
  • A.Chuvakov,Samara State Technical University, Russia
  • A.Demichev, SINP MSU, Russia
  • S.Dolenko, SINP MSU, Russia
  • M.Dovbnenko,JINR, Russia
  • Ju.Dubenskaya, SINP MSU, Russia
  • L.Dudko,SINP MSU, Russia
  • V.Edneral, SINP MSU, Russia
  • R.Fitagdinov, MIPT, INR RAS, Russia
  • I.Gadzhiev, SINP MSU, Russia
  • K.Galaktionov, SPbSU, Russia
  • V.Golikov,MIPT, Russia
  • E.Gres, Irkutsk State University, Russia
  • A.Guskov, MSU, Russia
  • B.A.Hadi, SPbSU, Russia
  • B.Hassan, African Institute for Mathematical Sciences-Rwanda (AIMS-Rwanda), Rwanda
  • A.Hvatov, ITMO University, Russia
  • V.Ilyin, National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute”, Russia
  • I.Isaev, SINP MSU, Russia
  • V.Kalnitsky, StPSU, Russia
  • A.Kasatkin, Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of RAS, Russia
  • I.Khabutdinov,MIPT, Russia
  • V.Kirpichev, MBOU “Secondary School No. 8 named after Busygin M.I.”,Ust-Ilimsk, Russia
  • M.Krinitskiy, Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of RAS, Russia
  • A.Kryukov, SINP MSU, Russia
  • Z.Qurdoshev,Tomsk State University, Russia
  • V.Latypova, SINP MSU, Russia
  • N.Latyshev, Samara State Technical University, Russia
  • M.Ledovskikh, SPbSU, Russia
  • A.Leonov, MIPT, INR RAS, Russia
  • I.Lobanov, ITMO University, Russia
  • A.Matseiko, MEPhI, INR RAS, Russia
  • A.Orehov, SPbSU, Russia
  • A.Parahonco, Alecu Russo Balti State University, Balti, Moldovа
  • S.Pavlov, SPbSU, Russia
  • M.Petrovsky, RCC MSU, Russia
  • M.Platonova, MSU, Russia
  • D.Poliakov, SPbSU, Russia
  • S.Polukhina,SPbSU, Russia
  • A.Polyakov, SPbSU, Russia
  • S.Polyakov, SINP MSU, Russia
  • M.Popov, OMCAN Mathematical Institute University of Oxford, UK
  • V.Rezvov, Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of RAS, Russia
  • O.Sarmanova, MSU,Russia
  • А.Savin,MIPT,INR RAS, Russia
  • A.Shevchenko, Samara State Technical University, Russia
  • A.Sokol,SPbSU, Russia
  • M.Stepanova, SPbSU, Russia
  • A.Vasiliev,MSU,Russia
  • A.Vlaskina, MSU, Russia
  • A.Vorobev, Geophysical Center RAS, Russia
  • A.Tyshko, Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of RAS, Russia
  • A.Zaborenko, MSU, Russia
  • M.Zotov, SINP MSU, Russia


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