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The main topics

The list of topics to be presented at the conference is not limited to this list.

Track 1. Machine Learning in Fundamental Physics

  • Machine learning methods in particle astrophysics and high energy physics.
  • Fast event generators based on machine learning for simulation of physics phenomena.
  • Multi-messenger data analysis of experimental data.
  • Application machine learning for data analysis in megascience facilities.

Track 2. Modern Machine Learning Methods

  • Convolutional neural networks.
  • Recurrent neural networks.
  • Graph neural networks.
  • Modern trends in machine learning.

Track 3. Machine Learning in Natural Sciences

  • Biology and bioinformatics.
  • Engineering sciences.
  • Climate prediction and Earth monitoring.

Track 4. Machine Learning in Education

  • Machine learning in High education.
  • Outreach knowledge in machine learning
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