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Linux installation guide

For the user’s convenience, PEGASUS is distributed as a precompiled executive file. No special installation procedure is needed. However, please be sure that g++ and gfortran compilers are already installed in your system (to be precise,, and are needed). After unpacking the distributive archive, the data files containing the necessary TMD parton densities in a proton (and conventional parton densities as well) are located inside the PEGASUS home directory (folder data).

NOTE: no calculation is allowed if there are some missing data files in the data folder.

Location of data folder could be changed via main menu option Edit → Settings → Path to data folder.

The executive file can be just run from a terminal as


The program demands the QwtPlot, so the library file should be inside the PEGASUS home directory.

Otherwise, the path to library should be specified with

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/library

If a long-time calculation is needed, one can run console version as

./cPEGASUS filename.pegasus

with the user-defined setup saved to a configuration file filename.pegasus.

Please send all your remarks to Dr. Maksim Malyshev

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