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CalcHEP  is a package for automatic calculations of elementary particle decay and collision properties in the lowest order of perturbation theory (the tree approximation). The main idea prescribed into the CalcHEP  is to make available passing on from the Lagrangian to the final distributions effectively with a high level of automation. Other packages created to solve a similar problem are FeynArts/FeynCalc[1], GRACE[2], HELAS[3], MADGRAPH[4]. See also the review [5].

CalcHEP  is a menu-driven system with the context help. The notations used in CalcHEP  are very similar to those used in particle physics.

The present version contains the Standard Model (SU(3)xSU(2)xU(1)) and its Minimal Sypersymmetry extension (MSSM). The user can change particle interaction and model parameters. It is also possible to create new models of particle interaction.

In the present version polarizations are not taken into account. Averaging over initial and summing over final polarizations are performed automatically.

The CalcHEP  package consists of two parts: symbolic and numerical ones. The symbolic part generats codes for a squared matrix element which are used in the numerical calculations.

The symbolic part of CalcHEP  lets the user:

The numerical part of CalcHEP  offers to:

The current version is accompanied with different {\it batch} programs which allows to performs all calculations in non-interactive regime.

History CalcHEP WWW