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CalcHEP_3.8.7 (21.12.2020)   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.8.5 (10.07.2020)   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.8.4 (27.05.2020)   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.8.3 (25.03.2020)   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.8.2 (10.03.2020)   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.7.5 (28.02.2019)   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.7.4(08.12.1018)   CODE   

1) Form output. Bugs fixed : symb/out/form_out.c

2) Detection of duplicate names in var#.mdl and func#.mdl. Bug is fixed : symb/read_mdl.c

3) Decay branching is sorted now.

4) aPrintF works correctly even if "long double" or "_Quad" is chosen for real numbers. aPrintF routine is intended to write input file for spectrum calculator from within func#.mld. It is similar to fprintf function and its first arguments defines format of reading of other arguments. For real argument one of flags E,e,G,g,f,F has to be used, which corresponds to double numerical type. Now when CalCHEP performs numerical calculations with other types, earch real argument of aPrintF is automatically converted to type double: X => (double)(X). : symb/out/reader_c.c

5) Polarization of incoming photon in case when second incoming particle is massive. Bug is fixed: symb/symbolic.c

6) External matrix element. We have realized a possibility to use CalcHEP numerical integrator with external matrix element. We assume that the uses has compiled some processes in CalCHEP but would like to replace CalcHEP squared matrix element on his own one. See instructions in c_source/num/usrSQME_dummy.c

CalcHEP_3.7.3   CODE   

1) Two bugs were fixed in calchep batch (run_batch file): i) the link of shared libraries is updated for the case of Mac OS (fixing the problem which was appearing for models with new version of automatic calculation of the Higgs width.); ii) the problem of batch crashing because of the absence of extlib*.mdl is fixed.

2) The new version allows to calculate processes with polarized incoming fermion, the results were cross checked against WIZARD.

3) Running of the widths is implemented: now we have the propagator in the following form 1/(s-m^2 +i*w*sqrt(Theta(s)) in comparison to the old one 1/(s-m^2) + i*m*w). In case of t-channel propagator we still have an option to switch off(default)/on the width in the t-channel, but now an imaginary part of t-channel propagator will be zero until the real pole appears in t-channel.

4) we have fixed bug in function evaluating cuts in case of multi-threads calculation. It was caused by presence of static parameter in one of the function.

5) Plot functions were slightly improved.

6) The maximal length of the format string for printF (the function used for model file interface like SLHA one) is increased from 200 to 500 symbols.

7) The global environment variable nParProc is introduced to set the number of parallel processes used in symbolic and numerical calculations via threads and fork in CalcHEP sessions.

8) We have switched to the "long double" type for numerical calculation as a default. To return to standard "double" type one has to uncomment the first line in file include/nTYpe.h ( #define _LONG_ ).

9) Examples of batch files for the calchep batch session are updated. See files batch_file_1-4 in the util folder.

10) We give an example Jet Matching in CalcHEP via Pythia. In directory utile/JetMatchingCalcHEP we present the respective batch files and Pythia files with detailed README. Thanks for to Stefan Prestel for numerous discussions and explanations.

CalcHEP_3.7.1   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.7.1   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.7.1   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.7   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.6.29   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.6.27   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.6.25   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.6.24   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.6.23   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.6.22   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.4.7   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.4.4   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.4.3   CODE   

CalcHEP_3.4.cpc   CODE   

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