CalcHEP - a package for calculation of Feynman diagrams and integration over multi-particle phase space.

Authors - Alexander Pukhov, Alexander Belyaev, Neil Christensen

The main idea of CalcHEP is to enable one to go directly from the Lagrangian to the cross sections and distributions effectively, with a high level of automation. The package can be compiled on any Unix platform.

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calchep_man_3.3.6.pdf (manual for version 3.3.6, July 19, 2012)
HEP computer tools (Lecture by Alexander Belyaev)
See also: Dan Green, High Pt physics at hadron colliders (Cambrige University Press)
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License GPL-3
Installation Current version 3.8.10(updated 07.06.2021) New Options and Bugs Fixed All versions
MSSM_10.14(15.10.2014) NMSSM_8.15(25.08.2015) CPVMSSM_10.14(16.10.2014) SUSY models By A.Semenov LeptoQuarks 5DSM 6DSM
Model database HEPMDB
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