Bibliography CompHEP WWW History and personal contributions


AB would like to thank the NExT Institute and SEPnet for partial financial support. The work of AB and AP was strongly supported by the Royal Society grants JP090598 and JP090146. AP was also supported in part by 12-02-93108-CNRSLa RFBR grant and LIA-TCAP CNRS grant. The work of NC was supported in part by the US National Science Foundation under grant PHY-0354226, the LHC-TI initiative of the US National Science Foundation under grant PHY-0705682, the PITTsburgh Particle physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology Center, and the US Department of Energy under grant DE- FG02-12ER41832.

A large part of the recent developments in CalcHEP was motivated by requests for the micrOMEGAs package which uses CalcHEP as a generator of matrix elements. We thank Genevieve Belanger and Fawzi Boudjema for helpful comments and suggestions in the development of CalcHEP.

CalcHEP is also known for its succesful usage of various SM extensions mainly due to the pioneering work of Andrey Semenov in the development of the LanHEP package which allows to realize rather complicated models in CalcHEP~notation. We are grateful to Andrey Semenov for this job.

NC would like to thank Fabio Maltoni and Claude Duhr for their support in writing a CalcHEP output for the FeynRules package.

Much of the batch interface was developed and tested at the Michigan State University High Performance Computer Center.

In 2009 AB and AP worked together at the Galileo Galilei Institute for Theoretical Physics where part of the CalcHEP development was performed. We are grateful to GGI for this opportunity and support.

We are especially thankful to Maksym Bondarenko, the main author of the HEPMDB project which has turned out to be very important for various web applications of \CalcHEP.

We are grateful to many people who have tested CalcHEP, especially to Lorenzo Basso, Alexandra Carvalho, Joydeep Chakrabortty, Qing-Hong Cao, Mikhail Chizhov, Asesh Datta, Mads Frandsen, Renato Guedes, K.C. Kong, Tomas Lastovicka, Orlando Panella, Rui Santos, Chloe Papineau, Marco Pruna, Patrik Svantesson, Florian Staub, Daniel Stolarski, Riccardo Torre, Izmail Turan and Alfonso Zerwekh.

Bibliography CompHEP WWW History and personal contributions