Computer Algebra for Dynamical Systems and Celestial Mechanics

               at the 18th International Conference ACA'2013 to be held at Malaga, Spain,

July 2-6, 2013

Session Organizers:

Victor Edneral

Moscow State University, Russia

Aleksandr Myllari

St. George's University, Grenada

Valery Romanovski

CAMTP, University of Maribor, Slovenia

Nikolay Vassiliev

Steklov Institute of Mathematics at St. Petersburg, Russia


Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Systems are traditional fields for applications of computer algebra. This session is intended to discuss Computer Algebra methods and modern algorithms in the study of general continuous and discrete Dynamical Systems, Ordinary Differential Equations and Celestial Mechanics.

The following topics, among others, will be considered:

1.       Stability and bifurcation analysis of dynamical systems.

2.       Construction and analysis of the structure of integral manifolds.

3.       Symplectic methods.

4.       Symbolic dynamics.

5.       Perturbation theories.

6.       Normal forms.

7.       Power geometry.

8.       Integrability and nonintegrability of ODEs.

9.       Exact solutions and integrals.

10.   Families of periodic solutions.

11.   Computation of asymptotes of solutions and its program implementation.

12.   Deterministic chaos in dynamical systems.

13.   Formal Integrals.

14.   Modern Trends in KAM theory.

15.   Computer algebra for celestial mechanics and stellar dynamics.

16.   Specialized computer algebra software for celestial mechanics.

17.   Topological structure of phase portraits and computer visualization.

18.   Discrete Dynamical Systems.

Important Information & Dates:

May 15th: Deadline for talk submissions.

May 20th: Notification of acceptance.

May 25th: Final day for standard registration.

May 25th: Deadline for extended abstracts / short papers of up to 5 pages submissions.

May 30th: Final day for special rates at Málaga Palacio Hotel.

July 02nd - 6th: ACA 2013 Conference.


Abstracts can be sent to session organizers directly. We would be very grateful to submitters for usage the template form . The compiled version of this example can be found here: .


Notification of acceptance of the report for this session: one week after receiving the material. If your proposal is accepted, you may send an extended abstract or short paper of up to 5 pages to be included in the proceedings. Proceedings will be published with an ISBN.





 Matej Mencinger, Brigita Fer

The Study of Isochronicity and Critical Period Bifurcations

on Center Manifolds of 3-dim Polynomials Systems Using

Computer Algebra

Larisa Burlakova, Valentin Irtegov

On Using of Computer Algebra Systems for Analysis of Rigid Body Dynamics

Tatiana Myllari, Aleksandr Myllari

Formal Integral and Caustics in Henon-Heiles model

Alexander Bruno, Victor Edneral

On Necessary Conditions of Integrability of Degenerated Planar ODE Systems in the Parameter Space

Juan F. Navarro

Tree structures in Poisson series processors

Antonio Algaba, Isabel Checa, Cristóbal García, Estanislao Gamero

Orbital Reversibility of Dynamical Systems


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