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Theoretical High Energy Physics Division (THEPD) was created at SINP MSU in 1990 on the base of several theoretical laboratories and teams having existed in the Institute in earlier times. That time it was aimed on the consolidation of theorists’ efforts for resolving the problems of the modern particle physics in the framework of the State Scientific and Technical Program “High Energy Physics”. Now THEPD comprises three Laboratories: Fundamental Interaction Theory, Field Theory and Symbolic Computations in High Energy Physics.

THEPD maintains very wide international relations with many research centers and universities of Europe, USA, Japan and other regions. Some of THEPD members are recognized members of the well-known huge collaborations such as ZEUS (DESY), CMS (CERN), D0 (FNAL). Of course, there exists a strong cooperation with many research teams inside Russia.

In connection with preparation to the upcoming LHC data taking and analysis a group of the THEPD members plays a leading role in the organization and development of the Russian distributed intensive grid system participating in the CERN LCG project and the European EGEE project as well as in internal Russian programs on informatics and telecommunications.

THEPD staff undertakes essential efforts to foster students and young scientists for their further involvement in national and international projects for particle physics. THEPD members currently lecture and issue monographs to attract young people to the subject. They often play as supervisors of students for diploma and PhD thesis from various universities.

Since 1985 the THEPD members served as principal initiators and organizers of the 18 yearly International Workshops on High Energy Physics and Quantum Field Theory – known around the world as the series of QFTHEP workshops which were held in various regions of the former USSR and the Russian Federation and attracted a lot of young scientists and students with their essential contributions.

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