XVIIIth International Workshop

on High Energy Physics and Quantum Field Theory

17 - 23 June 2004



08.45 Breakfast

09.30 Sessions

14.00 Lunch

16.00 Sessions

19.00 Dinner

${\cal WELCOME \ \ PARTY}$: June 17, at 19.00 hrs.
${\cal EXCURSION}$: June 20.
${\cal WORKSHOP \ \ DINNER}$: June 22, at 20.00 hrs.

June 17

Plenary Session

09.20 Opening
09.30 Andre Sopczak (Lancaster University and CERN)
Higgs physics: from LEP to a linear collider
10.20 Sergey Levonian (DESY)
Recent results from the H1 experiment at HERA

11.10 Coffee break

11.30 Kerstin Jon-And (Stockholm University)
ATLAS: status of the detector and physics prospects
12.20 Jorge Alfaro (Pontificia Universidad de Chile)
Loop quantum gravity and high energy cosmic rays

Parallel Session A

16.00 Mikhail Braun (St.Petersburg State University)
Colour strings vs. Perturbative QCD Pomeron
16.20 Aleksey Alekseev (IHEP, Protvino)
Model of nonperturbative running coupling in QCD
16.40 Alexander Krutov (Samara State University)
Asymptotics of the electromagnetic deuteron form factors
17.00 Igor Cherednikov (JINR, Dubna)
Instanton effects in high-energy quark-quark scattering: the world-line approach
17.20 Sergey Baranov (LPI RAS, Moscow)
Testing the kt-factorization approach with P-wave quarkonia production
17.40 Armen Oganesian (ITEP, Moscow)
Exotic baryon states in QCD sum rule

Parallel Session B

16.00 Michele Rosin (DESY)
Multiplicity distributions in DIS at HERA
16.20 Benedikt Zihlmann (DESY)
The spin structure of the Nucleon as seen by HEMRES
16.40 Vsevolod Popov (SINP MSU, Moscow)
Status and results of SVD-2 experiment
17.00 Alexei Kubarovsky (SINP MSU, Moscow)
Observation of narrow baryon resonance decaying into pK0s in SVD-2 experiment.
17.20 Andrey Elagin (JINR, Dubna)
Radiative Bhabha scattering at low angles at TESLA.
17.40 Grigori Feofilov (St.Peterburg State University)
Parton string model analysis of strange particles yields
and slopes for PbPb collisions at 158A*GeV in NA57 experiment
18.00 Ziad Ajaltouni (Laboratoire de Physique Corpusculaire, Paris)
Search for direct CP violation in B decays with rho0-omega mixing
. (30min)

June 18

Plenary Session

09.30 Roberto Spighi (INFN, Bologna)
Recent results from the HERA-B
10.20 Lev Dudko (SINP MSU, Moscow)
Single Top quark search at hadron colliders

11.10 Coffee break

11.30 Alexei Raspereza (DESY)
Physics at future linear $e^+e^-$ collider.
12.20 Ilya Ginzburg (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk)
Symmetries in 2HDM, CP violation and heavy Higgs effects at future colliders

Parallel Session A
16.00 Tsuno Soushi (Okayama University)
Introduction of GR@PPA event generator and recent development of GRACE system
16.20 Alexander Kryukov (SINP MSU, Moscow)
CompHEP: Present and Future
16.40 Lev Dudko (SINP MSU, Moscow)
Monte-Carlo Events Data Base for hadron colliders
17.00 Valeriy Serbo (Novosibirsk State University)
New method for calculating helicity amplitudes of jet-like QED
processes for high-energy colliders
17.20 Victor Andreev (Gomel State University)
Recursive technique for evaluation of Feynman diagrams
17.40 Edward Timoshenko (University College of Dublin)
Shapes of amphiphilic co-dendrimers by Monte Carlo simulation

Parallel Session B

16.00 Dmitry Slavnov (Moscow State University)
Local reality in quantum theory
16.20 Alexander Biryukov (Samara State University)
Probabilities of quantum transitions for the composite systems interacting
with alternate field in the higher orders of perturbation theory
16.40 Elena Vorontsova (Tver State University)
On Newtonian limit in dilaton gravity.
17.00 Avetis Sadoyan (Yerevan State University)
Should it be possible to reconstruct the equation of state
from gravitational radiation of single sources?
17.20 Victor Tsvetkov (Tver State University)
Mathematical modeling of the rapidly rotating gravitating superdense
neutron configurations.

June 19

No Plenary Session

Parallel Session A
15.30 Bruce Mellado (University of Wisconsin and CERN)
Prospects of Higgs searches at the LHC
16.00 Jan Kalinowski (Warsaw University)
Large mixing in the CP violating Higgs sector
16.20 Maria Krawczyk (Warsaw University)
CP violating in 2HDM
16.40 Roman Nevzorov (ITEP, Moscow)
Soft breaking of the PQ-symmetry and renormalization group flow in the NMSSM
17.00 Mikhail Dubinin (SINP MSU, Moscow)
Higgs boson in the two-doublet models with CP violation.
17.20 Elza Akhmetzyanova (Samara State University)
Effective two-Higgs-doublet potential and radiative corrections
to the Higgs bosons masses in the MSSM.
17.40. Ilya Smirnov (Samara State University)
Rare decays in the MSSM with CP violation.
18.00 Yuri Philippov (Samara State University)
The decay H->hh in the MSSM. Complete one-loop analysis.

Parallel Session B
15.30 Peter Senger (GSI, Darmstadt )
Exploring the QCD phase diagram: nucleus-nucleus collisions at FAIR
15.50 Konstantin Gridnev (St.Petersburg State University)
Boson condensate in nuclei
16.10 Yurii Tchuvilsky (SINP MSU, Moscow)
Time reversal P-odd noninvariance in nuclear processees
16.30 Irina Gnilozub (SINP MSU, Moscow)
Clasification of the alpha particle states in nuclei
16.50 Andrey Shirokov (SINP MSU, Moscow)
Light nuclei and NN interaction obtained in J-matrix inverse scattering approach
17.10 Arkady Safronov (SINP MSU, Moscow)
The analytical approach to constructing effective nucleon-nucleon
ineraction operators at intermediate energies
17.30 Dmitri Lanskoy (SINP MSU, Moscow)
Baryonic mixing in double-strangeness p shell hypernuclei
17.50 Tatiana Tretyakova (JINR, Dubna)
Production of neutron-rich lambda-hypernuclei by double-charge-exchange reactions
18.10 Valery Lyuboshitz (JINR, Dubna)
On the Coulomb dissociation of relativistic nuclei and hypernuclei with small binding energies

June 21

Plenary Session

09.30 Roberto Tenchini (INFN, Pisa)
Status of the physics of the W and Z bosons
10.20 Tsuno Soushi (Okayama University)
Recent results from CDF

11.10 Coffee break

11.30 Thomas Rijken (University of Nijmegen)
Baryon-baryon interactions at intermediate energies
12.20 Nikolai Uraltsev (PNPI, Gatchina)
Heavy Quark Expansion in Beauty: Recent Successes and Problems

Parallel Session A

16.00 Alexander Andrianov (St.Petersburg State University)
Stringification of chiral dynamics: Wess-Zumino interaction
16.20 Alexander Andrianov (St.Petersburg State University)
Domain wall generation by gravity and fermions
16.40 Yury Grats (Moscow State University)
Conical defects in a brane world
17.00 Mikhail Smolyakov (SINP MSU, Moscow)
On the non-standard matter distribution in the Randall-Sundrum model
17.20 Iskander Ziyatdinov (MSU, Moscow)
Parquet approximation for matrix models

Parallel Session B

16.00 Andrei Kataev (INR RAS, Moscow)
Higgs decay to $b\bar{b}$ pair: QCD effects in the running and
on-shell parameterization at the $N^3LO$
16.20 Mikhail Kalmykov (JINR, Dubna)
About pole mass of t-quark within Sdandart Model
16.40 Elena Scherbakova (Samara State University)
One-loop corrections to radiative muon decay
17.00 Vladimir Zykunov (Gomel State Technical University)
Electroweak radiative corrections to parity violating asymmetry
for SLAC experiment E158

June 22
Parallel Session A

09.30 Alessandro Ballestrero (INFN, Torino)
Boson boson scattering at LHC
10.00 Boris Arbuzov (SINP MSU, Moscow)
Dynamical breaking of the Electroweak symmetry
10.30 Sergei Demidov (INR RAS, Moscow)
Search for Higgs boson and other neutral scalar particles
in association with high energy jet at LHC
10.50 Slava Bunichev (SINP MSU, Moscow)
MSSM Higgs bosons in the intense coupling regime at TESLA.

11.10 Coffee break

11.30 Per Osland (University of Bergen)
Graviton-induced Bremsstrahlung
11.50 Alfonso Mondragon (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico)
A minimal $S_{3}-$invariant extension of the Standard Model
12.10 Kanji Fujii (Hokkaido University)
Structures of expectation values of flavor neutrino charges in quantum field theory
12.30 Eugene Rogalev (JINR, Dubna)
Search for new heavy resonances at LHC
12.50 Stanislav Alexeyev (SAI MSU, Moscow)
Schwarzschild-Gauss-Bonnet black holes at the LHC: beyond the dimensionality of space
13.10 Andrey Sapronov (JINR, Dubna)
LHC discovery potentials for ADD scenario of extra dimensions

14.00 Lunch

16.00 Gennaro Corcella (CERN)
Bottom fragmentation in Top quark decay
16.20 Olga Piskounova (LPI RAS, Moscow)
Production and decay of charmed baryons at high energies.
16.40 Nikolai Nikitin (SINP MSU, Moscow)
Reinvestigation of the rare decay modes $B^0_{d,s}\to\ell^+\ell^-\gamma$ in SM.
17.00 Danila Tlisov (Moscow State University)
Rare leptonic B-meson decays at external electromagnetic fields.
17.20 Dmitriy Vasin (Samara State University)
Bc meson hadroproduction in the $k_T$-factorization approach
17.40 Dmitry Guenter (Samara State University)
Heavy quark fragmentation into baryon
18.00 Victor Novozhilov (St.Petersburg State University)
Color solitons
18.20 Vladimir Vechernin (St.Petersburg State University)
Multiplicity and $p_t$ correlations in AA-interactions at high energies
18.40 Ilya Ginzburg (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk)
Ultraperipheral nuclear collisions. What can be studied there?

June 22
Parallel Session B

09.30 Alexander Kaloshin (Irkutsk State University)
The interacting Rarita-Schwinger field and its spin-parity content
09.50 Alexander Silenko (Institute of Nuclear Problems, Minsk)
Spinless particles in electromagnetic and gravitational fields
10.10 Sergey Vernov (SINP MSU, Moscow)
Construction of singlevalued and multivalued solutions for nonintegrable systems
10.30 Margarita Chichikina (Moscow State University)
Nonlinear QFT on the classical background

11.10 Coffee break

11.30 Vladimir Vereshagin (St.-Petersburg State University)
Renormalization prescriptions and bootstrap in effective theories
11.50 Alexander Vereshagin (University of Bergen)
Renormalization prescriptions in effective theory of pion-nucleon scattering.
12.10 Kirill Semenov-Tian-Shansky (St.-Petersburg State University)
Equivalence of all the systems of bootstrap equations for string-like amplitudes
12.30 Olga Babourova (Moscow State University)
Quark-gluon plasma as perfect spin fluid with a color charge in a color field
in Riemann-Cartan space
12.50 Boris Ermolaev (Ioffee PTI, St.-Petersburg)
Spin-dependent structure function $y_1$ at $x<<1$
14.00 Lunch

16.00 Valeriy Serbo (Novosibirsk State University)
Complete description of polarization effects in emission of a photon
by an electron in the field of a strong laser wave
16.20 Michael Eides (PNPI,Gatchina)
New three-loop corrections to Lamb shift and hyperfine
16.40 Ilya Malakhov (Moscow State University)
The numerical technique of Casimir energy calculation
17.00 Irina Karas (Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology)
Charged particle accelaration by intense wake-field excited in plasmas
by either laser pulse or relativistic electorn bunch

June 23
Plenary Session

9.30 Olivier Leroy (CPPM, Marseille)
Status of LHCb experiment
10.20 Thomas Hemmick (SUNY at Stony Brook)
Results from RHIC
11.10 Vladimir Kopeliovich (INR RAS, Moscow)
Exotic baryon and multibaryon states (Pentaquarks etc)

12.00 Closing

Coffee and Beer

14.00 Lunch