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CompHEP-4.1. Installation.

New: For Mac users the installation instruction is here

Please send all you remarks to A.Kryukov by e-mail:

Preliminary remarks and notations.

In this document we suppose that Linux is used. Thus, if you have another OS on the computer, please adjust this installation procedure according requirements of your OS.

Below, we use the following notations:

XXXX - CompHEP version number;
comphep-XXXX - directory where CompHEP files will live;
comphep-XXXX.tgz - distributive tar-file with sources;
comphep-XXXX-linux.tgz - distributive tar-file with binaries;

See section 4 for the installation from binary distributive.

Compilation of the package from the source distributive.

  1. Untar gzip-tar distributive archive:
    tar xzvf comphep-XXXX.tgz

    The directory with name comphep-XXXX will be created with all files of CompHEP distributive.

  2. Pass to the comphep-XXXX directory:
    cd comphep-XXXXX 
  3. Launch configure script:

    This script has several options. In order to get help for the options execite ./configure –help

  4. ./configure generates several files with compiler/linker options: CC, CFLAGS, CLIBS, F77, F77FLAGS, F77LIBS, RANLIB. If user want additional or other option, (s)he can edit this files. Default values (for Linux):
    CC = gcc
    CLIBS = -Llib -lX11 -lm
    F77 = gfortran
    F77FLAGS =  
    F77LIBS = -lgfortran -lgcc
    RANLIB = ranlib

    If user wants to have an interface with ROOT the option –with-root must be used. In this case, two files ROOTFLAGS and ROOTLIBS will have options and libriaries necessary for the interface.

  5. Compile CompHEP:

    NOTE: All CompHEP binaries are ready to use. But for convenient work with CompHEP we recommend to create a user directory, which will contain necessary scripts, model files, and directories for results of your calculation.

Installation of a user directory

In order to create a user working directory execute:

make setup WDIR=path_to_user_work_directory


  • WDIR is a path to a directory where you want to have all CompHEP start-up scripts. Default value is
    ../comphep_XXXX_usr_test (relatively to $COMPHEP).
  • Do not use '~' (tilde) to point home directory. Use the $HOME variable instead of '~'.

After that go to WDIR and enjoy CompHEP!

Additional services are provided.

  1. Clean up CompHEP :
    make clean
  2. make tar gzip archive of CompHEP:
    make dist

    NOTE: Archives will be in directory comphep-XXXX/.. with the name comphep-XXXX.tgz

Some incompatibilities with previous versions.

  1. Models of CompHEP version 4.4 and later have different notations for leptons:
    e,E/ne,Ne instead of e1,E1/n1,N1; m,M/nm,Nm instead of e2,E2/n2,N2; and l,L/nl,Nl instead of e3,E3/n3,N3.
  2. In debug mode the environment variable COMPHEP defined in the startup scripts like ~/.cshrc can interfere with the run time environment defined in the script 'comphep'
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