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Download: requirements

When downloading any files from this page you accept the conditions of the Non-profit Use Licence Agreement below.

Non-profit Use Licence Agreement

This Agreement is to be held between the Authors of the CompHEP program and a Party which acquires the program. On acquiring the program the Party agrees to be bound by terms of this agreement.

  1. This Licence entitles the Licensee (one person) and the Licensee's research group to obtain a copy of the source or executable code of CompHEP and/or interfaces of CompHEP to other Monte-Carlo generators and to use the acquired program for academic research or other non-profit purposes within a research group; or, it entitles the Licensee (a company, organisation or computing center) to install the program and allow an access to the executable code to the members of the Licensee for academic research or other non-profit use. No user or site will re-distribute the source code or executable code to a third party in the original or modified form without a written permission of the Authors.
  2. Publications which result from using the program will contain references to the articles describing CompHEP. See the necessary references on the WWW page or on
  3. This Licence does not permit any commercial (profit-making or proprietary) use or re-licensing or re-distributions. Persons interested in a for-profit use should contact the Authors.
  4. The Authors of CompHEP do not guarantee that the program is free of errors or meets its specification and cannot be held responsible for loss or consequential damage as a result of using it.


  • E. Boos, V. Bunichev, M. Dubinin, L. Dudko, V. Edneral, V. Ilyin, A. Kryukov, V. Savrin, A. Semenov, and A. Sherstnev [CompHEP Collaboration], CompHEP 4.4: Automatic computations from Lagrangians to events, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A534 (2004), 250 (arXiv:hep-ph/0403113).
  • A. Pukhov, E. Boos, M. Dubinin, V. Edneral, V. Ilyin, D. Kovalenko, A. Kryukov, V. Savrin, S. Shichanin, and A.Semenov, CompHEP - a package for evaluation of Feynman diagrams and integration over multi-particle phase space. User's manual for version 3.3, INP MSU report 98-41/542 (arXiv:hep-ph/9908288)


  • Linux RedHat-6.X or later, Scientific Linux CERN 3 or later. It should work under any UN*X OS, but not guaranteed.
  • gcc (version 3.0 or later), g77 (version 3.0 or later) or gfortran (version 4.0 or later)
  • 128MB RAM. This is strongly dependent on the task.
  • 30MB HDD for installation.
  • ISAJET (as a CERNLIB library) and CERN Mathlib library, if you are going to use MSSM models.

Latest versions

Last stable version is 4.5.2

(the version 4.5.2 is the same as 4.5.2rc12)

Date File Content Comments
09/12/2013 comphep-4.5.2.tgzCompHEP, v4.5.2 The latest stable version
10/04/2011 comphep_4.5.1-2_i386.debDEB package of CompHEP, v4.5.1 Preliminary version of package for Debian
16/03/2011 comphep-4.5.1-1.i686.rpmRPM package of CompHEP, v4.5.1 Check for Fedora-14 and CentOS-5.5
16/03/2009 comphep-4.5.1.tgzSource codes of CompHEP, v4.5.1 More details
05/02/2009 comphep-4.5.0.tgzSource codes of CompHEP, v4.5.0 More details
06/11/2006 comphep-4.4p3-gcc411.tgzSource codes of CompHEP, v4.4p3 (for gcc-4.1.x only!) More details
08/06/2004 comphep-4.4p3.tgzSource codes of CompHEP, v4.4p3 (old event format) More details
08/06/2004 comphep-4.4.3.tgzSource codes of CompHEP, v4.4.3 Release notes
16/05/2004 comphep-4.4.2.tgz Source codes of CompHEP, v4.4.2 Obsolete, available on request
16/11/2003 comphep-4.4.0.tgz Source codes of CompHEP, v4.4.0 Obsolete, available on request
01/11/2003 comphep-4.2p1.tgz Source codes of CompHEP, v4.2p1 (old event format)Obsolete, available on request
comphep-4.2.0.tgz Source codes of CompHEP, v4.2.0 Obsolete, available on request

Versions in development, not tested carefully.

Date File Content Comments
03/04/2013 comphep-4.5.2rc12.tgzSource codes of CompHEP, v4.5.2 (release candidate 12) Most stable for today, but still under the tests
01/02/2013 comphep-4.5.2rc11.tgzSource codes of CompHEP, v4.5.2 (release candidate 11) For tests by the group only!
24/12/2009 comphep-4.5.2rc10.tgzSource codes of CompHEP, v4.5.2 (release candidate 10) For tests by the group only!
11/12/2009 comphep-4.5.2rc9.tgzSource codes of CompHEP, v4.5.2 (release candidate 9) For tests by the group only!
23/10/2009 comphep-4.5.2pre8.tgzSource codes of CompHEP, v4.5.2 (release candidate 8) For tests by the group only!
03/07/2009 comphep-4.5.2rc6.tgzSource codes of CompHEP, v4.5.2 (release candidate 6) Don't use this version!!! It has a serious bug!
02/04/2009 comphep-4.5.2rc3.tgzSource codes of CompHEP, v4.5.2 (release candidate 3) For tests by the group only!
17/04/2008 comphep-4.5.0rc2.tgzSource codes of CompHEP, v4.5.0 (release candidate 2) More details
02/07/2007 comphep-4.4.93.tgzSource codes of CompHEP, v4.4.93 (preliminary test version of 4.5.0) More details
07/06/2007 comphep-4.4.92.tgzSource codes of CompHEP, v4.4.92 (preliminary test version of 4.5.0) More details
06/06/2007 comphep-4.4.91.tgzSource codes of CompHEP, v4.4.91 (preliminary test version of 4.5.0) More details
05/06/2007 comphep-4.4.90.tgzSource codes of CompHEP, v4.4.90 (preliminary test version of 4.5.0) More details


Date File Content Comments
10/03/2004hep-ph/0403113The last reference to CompHEP v. 4.2
06/08/1999hep-ph/9908288CompHEP manual, v. 3.3
01/08/2002hep-ph/0208011LanHEP Manual, v. 2.0 see LanHEP page for updates info

Interfaces to other Monte-Carlo generators

Date File Content Comments
11/06/2009comphep-interfaces-3.0.2.tgzInterface to PYTHIA and HERWIG, v. 3.0.1 (beta)More details
17/09/2008comphep-interfaces-3.0.1.tgzInterface to PYTHIA and HERWIG, v. 3.0.1 (beta)More details
20/07/2007comphep-interfaces-1.0.1.tgzInterface to PYTHIA and HERWIG, v. 1.0.1 (beta)More details
26/02/2007cpyth-2.0.6.tgzInterface CompHEP-Pythia, v. 2.0.6Warning
14/11/2006cpyth-1.2.7.tgzInterface CompHEP-Pythia, v. 1.2.7Warning

Other tools

Date File Content Comments
06/05/2008lhep300.tar.gzSource of LanHEP, version 3.0.0 More details
15/03/ batch script, version 1.6 Obsolete, available on request
01/12/ batch script, version 1.4 Obsolete, available on request
21/09/ batch script, version 1.3 Obsolete, available on request
24/05/2002lhep207.tgzSource of LanHEP, version 2.0.7 More details

CompHEP version 3 (1998)

Legacy SW

Copyright (C) 2003-2007 CompHEP Collaboration | Design by A.Kryukov

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