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CompHEP-4.4.91. Release notes


Fixed bugs.

  • 4.4.91: Three bugs in generation of session.dat with s_comphep
  • 4.4.91: Wrong values of some commands in tag of the event default file format.
  • 4.4.91: Absence of clean-up of the program sceen if the width scheme has been changed.
  • 4.4.91: Unproper detection of libisajet in CERNLIB if there is a shared version of the libary.
  • 4.4.90: Several bugs in generation of session.dat with s_comphep
  • 4.4.90: Wrong values of some commands in tag of the event default file format.


  • Symbolic part:
    • 4.4.90: All PDFs in the beam/strfun tables have prefix PDF (or LHA, if LHAPDF is interfaced)
    • 4.4.90: Proper generation of session.dat in s_comphep.
    • 4.4.90: Lots of internal re-arrangements (to simplify the program structure).
  • Numerical part:
    • 4.4.90: A new improved version of
    • 4.4.90: Diagram viewing is available in n_comphep (a new option in the main menu)
    • 4.4.90: More convinuent behavior of the menu 'Kinematics'
    • 4.4.90: Re-arranged menu “Initial State”. Beam particle and PDF are separated.
    • 4.4.90: The LHA event file format has been added, still with no extra HepML tags.
  • Common:
    • 4.4.90: Now CompHEP is compatible with gcc-4.x
    • 4.4.90: A new version of make_tab. Now it can processes files with several subprocesses.
    • 4.4.90: CompHEP can be compiled in two different modes: with OR without LHAPDF.
    • 4.4.90: Several options in ./configure have been added: –with-gcc4, –with-lhapdf, –debug, –help
  • Documentation
    • 4.4.91: Updated NUM_BATCH-HOWTO
    • 4.4.91: Updated LHAPDF_in_CompHEP-HOWTO
    • 4.4.91: Updated INSTALL
    • 4.4.90: New NUM_BATCH-HOWTO
    • 4.4.90: LHAPDF_in_CompHEP-HOWTO


  • 4.4.90: A new format of the initial state in session.dat.
  • 4.4.90: ComHEP has two regimes of compilation, with or without LHAPDF. CompHEP with LHAPDF has incompatible beam strfun tables. So, these tables will be empty if a user tries to use old files in the new version. No problems in ComHEP without LHAPDf.


  • Mixing of several event files in LHAef.
  • A new version of mk_tab compatible with the LHAEF format.
  • Check LHAPDF-compatible session.dat in internal-PDF-compatible n_comphep (and vice versa).
  • Help files for the new “Initial state” menu.
  • More convinuent behavior of the menu 'Initial state'. Initialization not by [Esc], but by a new menu command (Init).
  • Suppression of linking of all binaries against shared libraries (important for FC6/etc. installation of cernlib)
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