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CompHEP-4.4.0. Release notes

Copyright (C) 2003 CompHEP Collaboration

ATTENTION! The version 4.4.0 has some incompatibilities with previous one!

Changes v.4.2.1 -> v.4.4.0


New scheme of work with initial beams and final composite particles was changed.

If you have a private model and want to use them with CompHEP-4.4.0, you have to copy cpart1.mdl file to cpartN.mdl file where N is a number of your model by commands:

cd path_to_user_working_directory/model
cp cpart1.mdl cpartN.mdl

All new composite particles must be introduce into table by using edit model facilities.

Fix the bugs and clean up code.

  • Compilation bug when CERN libraries do not available
  • Make randomization of momenta of 2 last particles in event file.
  • QCD lambda are taken from PDF now.

Documentation and help files

  • Help for beam table (s_beam_1.txt)
  • Help for structure function table (s_strfn_1.txt)


  • Symbolic part
    • Add table for initial beam (proton, anti-proton, …)
    • Introduce switch F3 from beams to particles and vs.
    • Change composite particle table (see [1])
    • Introduce switch F3 from composite particles to particles and vs.
    • Symbolic conservation law is off by default.
    • LOCK file is restored.
    • Maximum sum of output and input particles (MAXINOUT) is 10 by default.
  • Numerical part
    • re-arrange menu “Width scheme”
    • Change “Equiv.Photon(…)” to WWA
  • Common
    • Re-arrangement of usage of messages and warnings.

Source structure

  • All CompHEP libraries were collected into lib subdirectory
  • CompHEP PDF file standard description move to tbl-pdf directory
  • Files drandXX.[ch] move to service2 subdirectory


Copyright (C) 2003, 2004 CompHEP Collaboration | Design by A.Kryukov

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