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Since gcc-4 spreads through more and more the Linux community we prepared a special version of comphep-4.4p3 for the compiler.

The code itself is the same with the only minor exeption in a FORTRAN part (file FeynHiggsFastCodes.f), where the COMPLEX type description has been replaced with COMPLEX*16 (Requirement of gfortran).

There are two gcc-4-like packages in new Linux:

  • gcc (version 4) with the new GNU FORTRAN 95 compiler gfortran, which can also compile FORTRAN 77 code. It requires a special libary libgfortran. So the version of comphep has the library included to CLIBS by default. Also the gcc version does not need the library libg2c and it is excluded.
  • gcc4 with the old FORTRAN 77 compiler f77. The package requires libg2c.

So, if you have gcc-4 just compile and use the version. But, if are using gcc4, execute ./configure and edit 3 files generated by the script:

  • CC: gcc → gcc4
  • CLIBS: remove -lgfortran and add -lg2c
  • FRT: gfortran → f77

And, after that, compile the code.

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